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Minimise leave liabilities, reduce errors, save time & money.

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Some of the key benefits:
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Ensure compliance

Business rules ensure that employees only receive leave they are entitled to. Smart timesheets calculate payments - even the most complex ones. The e-mail approval process ensures there is an audit trail from the leave request right through to payment for the leave.

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A few clicks, it's set up

Choose from IMS Online Express or Max - with two products to suit your organisation and budget, you can keep it as simple - or as complex - as you like. You'll activate IMS Online from within IMS Payroll, you'll be up and running within 15 minutes.

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Monitor absenteeism

Easy to understand graphical reports show leave patterns across employee groups and the company as a whole. See at a glance which leave types are commonly used on which days of the week, giving managers the tools they require to manage problem absenteeism.


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Easy, simple & secure

Whether employees are applying for leave, filling in a timesheet, viewing payslips or reading company policies, IMS Online is an effective and simple tool to handle your online requirements - all managed from IMS Payroll. All employees need is an internet connection. Read more.

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Minimise leave liabilities

Managers are provided with the tools they require to effectively manage employee leave liabilities. See at a glance who has excessive Annual Leave, as well as intuitive reporting on other leave balances. It's easy to consider leave approvals with a team work and leave schedule.

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No filing, no errors

Do away with paper and manual filing. Timesheets and leave requests are stored electronically with their digital signatures providing a robust audit trail. Payments are automatically calculated for leave requests and timesheets; eliminate data entry and errors.


"Replacing our old paper system with IMS Online has revolutionised our payroll process ... best thing we've done this year".

"Our employees just love it. Leave Requests have been easy to roll out and we're looking forward to adding Smart Timesheets".


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Click here to find out more about IMS Online pricing packages for IMS Online Express & Max.


See IMS Online in action:

See how IMS Online revolutionises your payroll

Watch an employee apply for leave

Watch a manager approve a leave request

Watch an employee fill in a timesheet

Watch a manager approve a timesheet


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